Natural Resource Taxation:
ITIC is well-known worldwide for pioneering work on the extraction of natural resources, including special taxes applicable to these ventures (royalty regimes, fees, petroleum profits taxes, resource rent taxes, and production sharing contracts); direct corporate income tax and GST issues that arise from such long-term investments; and the role of subcontractors and vendors. 

Tax Administration: Because good tax administration leads to good tax policy, ITIC works with public- and private-sector stakeholders to improve understanding, develop capacity building and help countries achieve their full revenue potential.

Treaties and Withholding Taxes: International double tax treaties, free trade agreements, investment protection agreements, and multilateral trade arrangements are part of the essential infrastructure of international trade and investment.  ITIC plays a useful role in promoting and defending the need for free trade and open investment arrangements, supported by tax treaties consistent with these goals. 

Corporate Income Tax: ITIC has steadily expanded its substantive focus and practical work on corporate income tax issues, with these topics increasingly featured in ITIC’s regional tax programs. This work has often included the role of tax incentives in national development. With BEPS-related challenges exhibiting fair-reaching impact, ITIC expects to develop a more detailed corporate income tax program in the years to come.

Transfer Pricing: Transfer pricing issues have become increasingly important to tax managers of global businesses and tax administrations worldwide. ITIC is uniquely placed to work with countries in developing a framework for common understanding on valuation issues in customs and transfer pricing.

Trade Rules/Illicit Trade/Regional Blocs: As a strong believer in free trade and open economic systems, ITIC advocates fair, balanced trade rules worldwide and recognizes that tax issues can play an important role in trade. ITIC works with governments to ensure compliance with the global trade rules, combat illicit trade and foster regional economic cooperation agreements.

GST/VAT: ITIC has a long-standing interest and involvement in GST/VAT issues worldwide, including participation in several government advisory tasks related to the introduction of such taxes. ITIC has conducted detailed research studies on specific areas of GST/VAT, including the application of such taxes to the financial services sector in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Indirect Tax on Products and Services: Since excise taxation often represents a significant portion of developing countries' budget revenues, it is important to have a simple structure and rates comparable to neighboring countries to protect the domestic tax base from illicit trade and provide stable and predictable budget revenues.
  • ITIC provides objective economic analysis on a broad range of tax policies and reform initiatives in transition economies.
  • ITIC pursues a diverse issue agenda with broad geographic reach.
  • ITIC’s initiatives are supported by more than 100 sponsor companies located around the world.
  • ITIC is demand-driven -- governments around the world seek ITIC’s expertise and capacity-building assistance.
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