Since 1993, the International Tax and Investment Center has served as the premier clearinghouse for Western taxation and investment know-how for business and the governments of transition economies. Corporations, accounting firms and law firms have all come to rely on ITIC's depth of experience and direct access to key policymakers to help lay the foundation for a growing democratic process and, more specifically, practical tax and investment laws in those countries. Through its trusted advisory relationship with government and parliamentary officials, ITIC has been a vital component in the creation and enhancement of enterprise and economic prosperity.

ITIC encourages tax, trade and investment policies that enhance economic growth in non-OECD countries by facilitating mutual understanding between business and government through the ITIC “neutral table,” where stakeholders convene to discuss academic analyses, policy studies and international best practices.

Through a combination of global thematic initiatives and regional fiscal forums, ITIC’s research contributes to:

  • Pro-growth fiscal policies
  • Effective and transparent tax administration
  • Predictable international trade and investment practices
  • Alignment of tax and revenue objectives

ITIC’s thought leadership and capacity-building programs provide analytic support for tax and investment reforms leading to:

  • Job creation
  • Poverty reduction
  • Improved living standards
  • Movement from the shadow economy to the legal sphere
ITIC’s programs are supported by nearly 100 sponsor companies located around the world, representing a broad industry spectrum spanning the automotive, banking/finance, consumer goods, energy, manufacturing, services, and technology sectors, among others.

Over 90% of ITIC's budget comes from the tax-deductible contributions of business with concerns in transition economy enterprise. ITIC's sponsors benefit directly from the talented advocacy that ITIC's staff of experts provide and the pro-investment reforms of ITIC have help to achieve significant contribution to improving the its sponsors' bottom lines.

Please contact Diana McKelvey for more information.

"ITIC’s work to improve tax and investment policies has resulted in improving the standard of living in so many countries.”
The Honorable James C. Miller III, ITIC Executive Committee Chairman
"The experiment that we launched 20 years ago in Russia and Kazakhstan is a success and is being successfully implemented around the world.”
ITIC Co-Chairman, The Honorable Thomas Pickering
  • ITIC provides objective economic analysis on a broad range of tax policies and reform initiatives in transition economies.
  • ITIC pursues a diverse issue agenda with broad geographic reach.
  • ITIC’s initiatives are supported by more than 100 sponsor companies located around the world.
  • ITIC is demand-driven -- governments around the world seek ITIC’s expertise and capacity-building assistance.
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