Hafiz Choudhury is a Senior Advisor to ITIC, where he manages the global thematic program, and also the technical programs in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East/North Africa regions. His principal affiliation is with his consulting firm, The M Group, Inc. (www.mgroupglobal.com). He has worked in locations as diverse as India, Qatar, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Pakistan, Mongolia, Latvia and China.

In a personal capacity, he serves on the Transfer Pricing Subcommittee of the UN Committee of Taxation Experts, and was the general editor of the UN TP Manual. He has been involved in commissioning and managing a significant number of research tasks in international taxation; his current work includes studies on the role of DTAs in cross border investment (led by Jeffrey Owens), tax administration development in emerging and frontier markets (led by Dave Hartnett), international tax issues on transactions in Islamic finance (led by Mohamed Amin), and on “global” tax proposals (led by Prof. Richard Bird).

He is involved an international tax software business that builds international tax and trade decision support, modeling and analysis tools (www.reganalytics.com). Prior to starting his own business, he was with IBFD, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he held a variety of roles such as head of the Asia-Pacific/Middle East team, director of business development, and GM of the Americas business. In his time there, he moved from the tax consulting and content creation side to roles in product management, sales and business development. He graduated from London University with a Masters degree in International Relations; he joined HM Board of Inland Revenue in the UK (now HMRC) in 1985, where he received his professional tax training, and worked in tax administration roles in the London area. He is currently based in Washington D.C.
Hafiz Choudhury
Principle, The M Group Inc. and Former Director, International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation
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