Liz served for over 35 years in HM Revenue and Customs (previously in HM Customs and Excise) with more than 10 years as a senior civil servant. She has experience of all aspects of indirect tax administration policy including development of anti-illicit trade strategies, reviews of tax policy, implementation of a new tax and implementing changed tax structures. Since retirement in 2009, Liz has worked as a consultant providing a wide range of services including:

  • Delivering training on strategic organization planning, change management, revenue administration and taxpayer services to senior officials from developing countries;
  • Chairing an international conference and facilitating workshops for senior revenue/customs officials;
  • Writing guidance booklets, for senior revenue and customs officials  in developing countries, on tackling illicit trade in tobacco products and on implementing a new tax;
  • Making presentations at international conferences about tackling illicit trade in alcohol and tobacco products and excise taxation subjects;
  • Supporting senior officials in the Nigeria Customs Service in developing a new organizational strategic plan;
  • Leading an in-depth review of the illicit trade in excise products across the Southern African Development Community (SADC); and
  • Working with SADC revenue officials to develop regional excise tax policy, administration and enforcement guidelines.
As an accredited Program Management reviewer of high risk UK government change programs, she reviewed three policy implementation programs in different ministerial departments while a senior civil servant and a further five as a consultant.
Liz Allen
Former Head of Division, H.M. Revenue and Customs and H.M. Customs and Excise
United Kingdom
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