Stephen Phua teaches Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Corporate Taxation, International Tax and Business & Finance for Lawyers in the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore. He is a consultant with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and an examiner with the Chartered Institute of Taxation in London. He is also an Eastern Scholar, Shanghai, PRC and a Visiting Professor at the International Law School of East China University of Law and Politics in Shanghai, PRC. He is a member of INTR, OECD and is a program advisor to the International Tax and Investment Center in Washington, DC.

He was a visiting scholar/professor to several leading universities in Australia, Canada, China, Japan and the USA. He was a member of the Tax Advisory Group in Ministry of Finance. He served as a member for more than a decade on each one of the three tax tribunals in Singapore (Income Tax Board of Review, Goods and Services Tax Board of Review and Valuation Review Board). Prior to joining IRAS, he was a tax consultant in a leading law firm in Singapore.

He has delivered papers in many international conferences and published articles in refereed journals and chapters in books. He is the Editor of 2 books: "Recent Developments in Financial Regulation and Capital Markets" (2003) and "Excise Taxation in Asia" (2007).
Stephen Phua
Associate Professor of Law, National University of Singapore 
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