Africa Tax Dialogue

For complete coverage of the eighth Africa Tax Dialogue, held on 15-17 November 2016 in Cape Town, click here.

ITIC programs in Africa began in 2000 with a series of indirect taxation studies and in-country workshops in Kenya and Ghana. Since that time, ITIC has worked with over 20 countries throughout Africa.

In 2000, ITIC wanted to "experiment" to see if its excise tax model that was developed in Russia to assist the Ministry of Finance of Russia reform its excise tax regime, could be exported to other countries around the world. In conjunction with several local research institutes, ITIC undertook an excise tax modelling project in Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, and Cote D'Ivoire. The research projects included the development of country-specific excise tax models along with capacity building for the local research institutes. In some cases, the local partners travelled to the U.K. for in-residence training with Oxford Economics, ITIC's program partner. Follow-up workshops were held using the ITIC Triangle: Bringing together Ministry of Finance, other key public sectors officials, academic experts, and industry representatives. Similar models of engagement utilizing the two-part model (intellectual production and the selling/marketing of these outputs) have been deployed throughout Africa. We're happy to report that in a large part, the ITIC policy recommendations on excise reform have been enacted and are part of the current law in Kenya and Ghana.

The annual Africa Tax Dialogue meetings focus on tax coordination within regional economic communities (RECs) in Africa. Each of the forums includes focus on tax coordination and brings together the Secretariats from EAC, SADC, UEMOA, and ECOWAS to discuss their own tax coordination and also learn of the best practices from others.

ITIC's advisors for Africa include Professor Sijbren Cnossen (Senior Economic Advisor) and Mr. Reggie Mezu (Senior Advisor).
"I think the unique strength of ITIC is the ability to bring various tax practitioners and other stakeholders to passionately discuss tax issues."
Dr. Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance, Republic of Ghana
"ITIC's research, analysis, and conferences have helped us reform our excise tax regime and achieve positive budgetary results."
Mr. Justus Nyamunga, Deputy Chief Economist, Fiscal and Monetary Affairs Department, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Kenya
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