Asia-Pacific Tax Forum

For complete coverage of the 13th annual Asia-Pacific Tax Forum, held on 23-25 May 2016 in Jakarta, click here.

ITIC co-founded the Asia-Pacific Tax Forum (APTF) with the Public Finance Institute of the Philippines (PFIP) in 2005. APTF annually brings together leading tax policy officials from the public sector, academic experts, and industry representatives. APTF has commissioned high-quality studies on excise taxation, earmarked taxes, use of tax expenditures analysis for indirect taxation policy, and VAT on financial supplies for countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The combination of ITIC's research "track record" and its strong relationship with its partners and participating governments (18 Asia-Pacific countries attend annually) has established the forum as the premier event on tax policy throughout the region.

APTF meets annually, with a Ministry of Finance or Tax Administration hosting the event, usually with a local partner institution. Since the founding meeting in 2005, the following have hosted the annual meeting: Bangkok, Thailand (2006 and 2013); Hanoi, Vietnam (2007 and 2014); New Delhi, India (2008 and 2015); Sydney, Australia (2009); Siem Reap, Cambodia (2010); Bali, Indonesia (2011); Manila, the Philippines (2012); and Jakarta, Indonesia (2016).

However, APTF is more than an annual meeting. Its work is guided throughout the year by a Steering Committee that includes representatives from participating countries, Ministries of Finance/Tax Administrations, ITIC advisors, and representatives from partner organizations. Research and publication projects and study/working groups have been created under the auspices of the Asia-Pacific Tax Forum. APTF has evolved into a program of continuous engagement between public, private and academic stakeholders.

Jeremias Paul, Undersecretary of the Department of Finance in the Philippines, moderates a panel discussion at ITIC’s Asia-Pacific Tax Forum in Manila.
"ITIC is a unique NGO that continues to contribute to the sharing of knowledge of tax policy and tax administration experiences and developments across the globe through workshops and analysis." 
Dr. Parthasarathi Shome, Adviser (at level of Minister of State) to the Indian Finance Minister 
"For the past several years, my minister colleagues have participated in Asia-Pacific Tax Forum meetings, and we find the Forum very productive.… Thank you to ITIC for your leadership role.”
His Excellency Keat Chhon, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister, Kingdom of Cambodia


ITIC began its work in the Asia-Pacific region through a mission in 1996 to Hanoi, Vietnam, which brought senior tax and finance officers of leading multinationals and tax policy experts to the country to meet with Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and Parliamentary officials as Vietnam entered a new phase of liberalization and openness to foreign investment. ITIC subsequently participated in a 2001 project with the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) in the People's Republic of China. As the country entered the World Trade Organization, its tax system needed to be made consistent with the tax-related obligations of the WTO agreements. The SAT entered into a dialogue with leading foreign investors to identify their concerns, and test these against the WTO requirements, and ITIC played a vital role in fostering this partnership.

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