Description Date File Size Download
Tax Administration 2025 - Mr. Terence Lutes 31 May, 2016 2.12 MB Download PDF
BEPS Final Reports – Prof. Lee Burns 31 May, 2016 98.2 kB Download PDF
Indirect Taxes: Long term Policy Approaches, Regional Integration and External Developments - Mr. Michael Evans 31 May, 2016 489.36 kB Download PDF
Policy Considerations in Excise Tax Design – Mr. Oliver Salmon 31 May, 2016 1.09 MB Download PDF
A Pakistan Perspective – Mr. Syed Ijaz Hussain 31 May, 2016 12.57 MB Download PDF
Development of Excises and Other Product Specific Taxes – Mr. Michael Evans 31 May, 2016 542.34 kB Download PDF
Development of Excise and Other Product Specific Taxes – Mr. Nasruddin Djoko Surjono 31 May, 2016 1.1 MB Download PDF
Taxation of the Extractive Sector – Mr. Peter Mullins 31 May, 2016 168.83 kB Download PDF
Mobilizing Revenue from the Personal Income Tax – Prof. Lee Burns 31 May, 2016 87.13 kB Download PDF
Advanced Issues in GST – Mr. Michael Evans 31 May, 2016 628.82 kB Download PDF
Dilemma of Tax Incentives for Investment in Asia-Pacific; Indonesian Case – Mr. Anggito Abimanyu 31 May, 2016 2.35 MB Download PDF
Tax Amnesty and Administrative Actions in Enforcement – Mr. Terence Lutes 31 May, 2016 286.26 kB Download PDF
Tax Rulings/Arrangements in Regional Economic Arrangements – Prof. Lee Burns and Mr. Hafiz Choudhury 31 May, 2016 216.43 kB Download PDF
Cross-border / Regional Issues in GST – Mr. Michael Evans 31 May, 2016 542.09 kB Download PDF
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"ITIC is a unique NGO that continues to contribute to the sharing of knowledge of tax policy and tax administration experiences and developments across the globe through workshops and analysis." 
Dr. Parthasarathi Shome, Adviser (at level of Minister of State) to the Indian Finance Minister 
"For the past several years, my minister colleagues have participated in Asia-Pacific Tax Forum meetings, and we find the Forum very productive.… Thank you to ITIC for your leadership role.”
His Excellency Keat Chhon, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister, Kingdom of Cambodia
  • ITIC provides objective economic analysis on a broad range of tax policies and reform initiatives in transition economies.
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