Libya Program

In 2006, ITIC launched its first taxation workshop in Libya with the General People's Planning Commission in Tripoli, jointly organized with the IMF. This effort brought together tax, finance, banking, and national oil corporation experts with IMF Fiscal Affairs Department experts and industry tax, finance, and legal executives to discuss reform of Libya's tax and petroleum laws. ITIC engagement with the Libyan Ministry of Finance through the Libya Tax Dialogue helped to contribute to the enactment of General People's Council decree No. 394 on the filing of tax declarations and the issuance of tax receipts for foreign tax credit purposes (2007) and NOC Management Resolution No. 93, which further clarified tax declarations.

From a subsequent series of workshops, ITIC created the Libya Petroleum Taxation Working Group, which twice annually brings together Ministry of Finance, General Department of Taxation, and national oil company representatives with industry experts and ITIC advisors.

ITIC's Senior Advisor for the Libya program is Mr. Reggie Mezu.

"The ITIC meetings provide a place for my colleagues to sit with the IOCs to clearly understand how contract regimes work in other countries."
The Honorable Dr. Azez Jafar Hasan, Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Republic of Iraq
"As Libya looks to reform its policies to make it more competitive, it's important that we understand best practices in the region and around the world. We want to thank ITIC for this workshop to help bring us this knowledge."
The Honorable Dr. Abdulhafid Zlitni, Former Deputy Prime Minister, State of Libya
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