Description Date File Size Download
Tax Policy in MENA: Meeting the Challenges of the Future – Dr. Nasser Saidi 21 Nov, 2016 3.84 MB Download PDF
BEPS Review and Update – Professor Lee Burns 21 Nov, 2016 105.65 kB Download PDF
Tax Administration Automation and Performance Improvement – Yassie Hodges 21 Nov, 2016 724.8 kB Download PDF
Tax Systems in the MENA Region: Current Challenges and Possible Solutions – Maurice Mwaniki 21 Nov, 2016 2.74 MB Download PDF
Cross-Border Aspects of BAT – Professor Lee Burns 21 Nov, 2016 84.27 kB Download PDF
New Generation Payment Register Devices – Abdullah KIRAZ 21 Nov, 2016 8.8 MB Download PDF
Indirect Taxation Regimes in MENA – Dr. Nasser Saidi 21 Nov, 2016 4.02 MB Download PDF
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"The ITIC meetings provide a place for my colleagues to sit with the IOCs to clearly understand how contract regimes work in other countries."
The Honorable Dr. Azez Jafar Hasan, Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Republic of Iraq
"As Libya looks to reform its policies to make it more competitive, it's important that we understand best practices in the region and around the world. We want to thank ITIC for this workshop to help bring us this knowledge."
The Honorable Dr. Abdulhafid Zlitni, Former Deputy Prime Minister, State of Libya
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