James Grant

Program Manager — Energy, Growth and Security Program  

James Grant is the Program Manager of the Energy, Growth and Security (EGS) program at the International Tax and Investment Centers. ITIC’s EGS arm focuses on natural resources, infrastructure, and energy transformations unfolding in Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East, and around the world, exploring opportunities for investment and policy making.

Mr. Grant is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies (SAIS) where he earned a master’s degree in International Economics. His concentration was Energy, Resources, and the Environment and U.S. National Security. During his tenure at SAIS, James worked as an analyst for the Asia Group in Hong Kong and Washington D.C. where he provided expertise on issues of defense, energy, and finance for corporate clients on both sides of the Pacific.

James is also a Junior Fellow with the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) where he specializes in global energy markets, geopolitics, and U.S. national security. James is a frequent contributor to The National Interest and his commentary can also be found in Bloomberg, Forbes, Newsweek, and The Journal of Energy Security. He is a class of 2018 Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) Energy Security Fellow.