Welcome to ITIC

The International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) aims to be recognized globally as a fiscally-focused network organization with a respected sponsor base and presence across key non-OECD jurisdictions that promotes education and programs for the benefit of all its stakeholders. 

Organized in 1993, ITIC is an independent nonprofit research and education foundation with offices in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.

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About Us


ITIC's mission is to encourage pro-growth tax, trade and investment policies in non-OECD countries by facilitating mutual understanding and trust between business and government through the ITIC neutral table, based on high quality analyses, policy studies and capacity building programs. ITIC builds bridges from the West to the East and from the private to the public sector. We help nations with statutory language and accounting expertise, but also with a more important objective: adopting policies that encourage the formation of legal, taxpaying businesses. Through the four regional tax forums, «hands-on» working sessions, and special relationships with tax officials, lawmakers, academic experts, industry experts and professionals, ITIC brings together stakeholders in the tax systems of its focus countries to address a range of issues and problems.


Some documents are limited to ITIC sponsors. All sponsors should have a user-name and password. For the restricted documents, you will be asked to log-in. All other documents are accessible without any log-in.