Fact-Finding Mission Conducted for Kazakh Officials

kzmoscow1 On 8-12 March, ITIC Kazakhstan organized a fact-finding mission for officials from the State Revenue Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Finance. The following Kazakh officials met with officials at the Federal Tax Service of Russia to exchange information and share experiences as Kazakhstan begins implementing best practices and following OECD norms:

  • Aisulu Burambayeva (Deputy Head of the Special Department)
  • Aliya Alenova (Senior Expert of the Special Department)
  • Agera Rakhmetova (Senior Expert of the Special Department)
  • Daniyar Khassenov (Expert of the Special Department).


During their visit, the delegation met with Mr. Alexander Yegorychev (Head of the Cross Audit Department), who discussed legal aspects of tax monitoring; Mrs. Y. Khomyakova (Deputy Head of the Tax Monitoring Section of the Cross Audit Department), who discussed the procedure of issue of the motivated opinion and reconciliation process; and Mr. Ruslan Rudzhabov (Head of the Tax Control over Prices Section of the Transfer Pricing Department), who spoke about transfer pricing administration practice.


On 11 March, ITIC organized a roundtable for the Kazakh officials with representatives of Russian and Kazakh companies currently participating in a Horizontal Monitoring pilot program. During the roundtable, Mme. Aisulu Burambaeva reconfirmed her intention to hold another roundtable discussion with ITIC sponsors once the State Revenue Committee’s Special Department’s concept paper on Horizontal Monitoring is ready for discussion.