Azerbaijan: Update on WTO Accession

The Working Party on Azerbaijan’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) met in Geneva on 22 July and expressed hope that the accession negotiations (which began in 1997) would be completed in the near future. During the Working Party meeting, Azerbaijan’s chief negotiator discussed:

  • The adoption of a national strategic roadmap to diversify Azerbaijan’s economy and tackle the challenges caused by the decline in oil and gas prices.
  • Azerbaijan’s commitment to enact all possible measures and intensify the accession process.
  • New legislative developments, including the adoption of an anti-dumping law, safeguards and countervailing measures (entering into force 90 days after promulgation on 15 July 2016).
To assist in analyzing Azerbaijan’s compliance with the WTO’s foreign trade rules, the Working Party sought clarification on a range of issues including: taxation, customs valuation, trade-related investment measures, privatization plans, IPR, technical regulations and standards, trade in services, and agricultural support.The Working Party invited Azerbaijan to submit written replies to members’ questions, an updated Legislative Action Plan, and copies of relevant draft and adopted legislation. It also encouraged intensification of related bilateral market access negotiations.The Working Party aims to meet next in early 2017.