Uzbekistan Reform Agenda


Investors are showing a renewed interest in the post-Karimov reform agenda in Uzbekistan, the guidelines for which have been detailed by President Mirziyoyev in several recent decrees and the implementing instructions of 14 February 2017. His decree of 7 February “on the Action Strategy for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2017-2021” and the related documents may be accessed here.

Briefly, the five priority reform areas include:

  1. Improving the constitutional organisation of the state and society.
  2. Strengthening the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.
  3. Stimulating economic liberalisation and development.
  4. Renovating the human, social and physical infrastructure.
  5. Enhancing state sovereignty and independence through judicious domestic and constructive foreign policies.

In respect of the economy, the “Action Strategy” proposes, among other things, reducing the tax burden and simplifying the tax system, improving tax administration and expanding "appropriate" incentives.

A new national structure of institutions to supervise the staged implementation of reforms is outlined in the 7 February decree. ITIC will monitor progress on these reforms in Uzbekistan, a major player among the CCA countries.