Weekly Round-Up

ITIC Capacity-Building Workshop in Mozambique


Continuing a series of capacity-building programs in Africa, ITIC was pleased to join with the Mozambique Revenue Authority for a "Workshop on Extractive Industry Taxation" this week in Maputo. More than 100 public- and private-sector participants gathered to discuss, among other items, the forthcoming UN Handbook on Extractive Industries Taxation in Developing Countries and ITIC's "Principles for Developing Country Hydrocarbon Investment Policies."

ITIC Paper Published in World Customs Journal


A recent paper by ITIC and Oxford Economics, "The Development of Modern Revenue Controls on Alcoholic Beverages" was published in Volume 11, Number 2 (September 2017) of the World Customs Journal.

The full paper, authored by Liz Allen (ITIC Advisor) and Doug Godden (Lead Economist at Oxford Economics) can be viewed here.

Click here to view the complete issue.

EU Commission Proposes Temporary Tax on Digital Firms With "High User Involvement"


Earlier this week, MNETax.com reported on a leaked EU Commission document (via Politico) proposing a "temporary EU-wide tax on digital firm revenue derived from activities that have high user involvement" that "calls for a tax at a single rate across the EU of 1–5 percent of gross revenues which would apply equally to cross-border transactions between EU countries, to transactions between EU countries and third countries, and to purely domestic transactions." [Continue Reading]

South Africa to Implement Carbon Tax in 2019

South Africa flag.jpg

Last week, South Africa's Minister of Finance announced that a new Carbon Tax will be implemented on 1 January 2019, thus allowing South Africa "to meet its nationally determined contributions under the 2015 Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change." [More Information]

Results from Digital Economy Taxation Consultation Released

European Commission.jpg

The European Commission recently published the results from its public consultation on fair taxation of the digital economy. A total of 446 stakeholders submitted responses, "with an overwhelming majority of respondents (82%) in the consultation agree[ing] [that] there was a need for action to reform current international rules for the taxation of the digital economy." [More Information]

Singapore Announces 2018 Budget, GST Changes and New Tax Rules

Singapore flag.jpg

Earlier this month, Singapore announced its 2018 budget, with key measures including "a goods and services tax (GST) rate hike, a GST levy on imported e-services, the introduction of a carbon tax, and new tax rules aimed at further strengthening Singapore’s role as a financial and innovation hub." [Continue Reading]