Carole Nakhle

ITIC Advisor Speaks at 11th International Energy Conference

ITIC Program Advisor Carole Nakhle participated as a keynote speaker at the 11th International Energy Conference in Tehran, Iran, on 30-31 May. Her talk preceded a panel discussion that included the following Iranian officials (among others from the private sector): Dr. Amirhosseein Zamani Nia, Deputy Oil Minister; Mr. Mohsen Khojaste Mehr, Ministry of Petroleum; and Mr. Mehdi Husseini, Head of the Oil Contracts Committee.

During her presentation, Dr. Nakhle spoke about the simple yet powerful and dynamic equation of risk-reward whereby investors seek to achieve a balance. She explained the impact of the oil price on investment decision and financing, then argued that government policies can compensate for changes in the oil price. For instance, during periods of low oil prices, an increase in investment is noted in countries where governments modified their fiscal terms favorably towards investors.

While in Tehran, Dr. Nakhle also gave an interview to a local TV station, and held meetings with the Director General and his Deputy at the Ministry of Petroleum, the Iranian National Tax Administration, as well as local experts.